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FontLab TypeTool 3.1

You can create fonts, modify existing fonts and open installed fonts
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Type Tool is the font editor that can be used for Mac and Windows. Type Tool is used for creating new fonts. This can also be used for altering and modifying any font that is available in the system. Type Tool can be used to open existing fonts and generate PostScript Flavored (CFF / .otf) and True Type Flavored fonts. Type Tool requires the support of tools such as Microsoft VOLT, FrontLab Studio, and Adobe FDK to work with open type fonts. Type Tool contains more than ten special drawing tools for easy editing and convenience to apply creativity. The software allows signature, old style, logos, ligatures, currency symbols and international characters to be added to the font. It is easy to create Dingbat or clipart fonts with this tool. Type Tool facilitates import from EPS files to place as glyphs on the font. Type Tool allows copy and paste from Macromedia Freehand or Adobe Illustrator. For Mac, Type Tool can be used with ScanFont for converting bitmap pictures to outline. Type Tool is compatible with FontLab tools and designed for professional layout on industry standards. Creating Fonts through Type Tool allows brush strokes with options for free hand mode or in contour mode. Any layer can be locked to prevent accidental deletion. Type Tools comes with forty built-in encodings for flexibility and support.

Manoj Goel
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  • Works with Unicode
  • Supports Double byte codepages
  • Font transformation and glyph transformation tool
  • Font Map panel for easy navigation


  • No Advanced OpenType Layout Support
  • Not a Freeware
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